25 Workable Fireplace Concepts to Warm Your Living Room Up

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There is a reason why most people prefer having a house with a furnace or hearth. Though it may not be a primary heating device in the comfortable living room, the crackling fire sound seems to offer the homey feeling after your super long day outside the house. Not even going to lie, it is even palpable why the phrase of sitting by the fireplace comes in all those sad, romantic songs.

However, if you feel like your current hearth is just too standard and plain in general, find out here how these concepts renovate this particular part of your house to a more appealing look.


Most of modern fireplace design ideas are simple and easy to be implemented. This style can be shown by a bold color of glossy or metallic marble to create a dominant appearance to the furnace in your living room. For a cozier ambiance, lighter shades like white, pastel, and peach can also be a choice. You can add some contrasts by putting a different color of a mantel on top of it, and it will look awesome after that.

A gorgeous cottage fireplace for monochromatic living room to look charming
A Mid Century modern fireplace for small living room to enjoy gorgeous look
A stunning living room with glass fireplace at the corner to look good
A minimalist living room with rectangle fireplace for home design inspiration
A unique round fireplace for open concept space to look large room


Bring more nature into your living room using the material that does not need to be shaped or molded or anything at all: stone. With a little bit of proper arrangement, a high-quality stone veneer will improve the furnace corner aesthetically. You can have someone stack the stones until the top of the ceiling or build a small structure around the fire flame. Besides, there is always an option for you to paint the stone fireplace should their native complexion not satisfy your preference.

An amazing fireplace that made of cement material in the living room
An easy white stone fireplace at the corner with beige sofas and table, wooden roof, big window, a big picture on the wall
An elegant living room idea with tiny fireplace under black tv and white theme design
An interesting square fireplace with big window in the small living room to make good lighting

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A clean white painted brick fireplace for small living room for natural look
A cool living room with dark fireplace, dark gray sofa, white sofa, pattern carpet, some picture, combination of metal and glass table, round floor lamp, house plants
A simple and easy combination of wooden with black stone fireplace for large space in the living room
A simple clay fireplace for classic living room design in 2019
A unique mosaic tile fireplace for neutral space in the living room
An awesome fireplace in the middle wooden racks for neutral space in the living room

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A stunning black fireplace under television with striped carpet, beige sofas, leather table, a big house plant
An open concept living space with oval shaped fireplace idea

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Perhaps your furnace has become too boring, and you have long stopped lighting the fire. However, your unused fireplace means more inventory for your stuff, at least the decorative ones. You can place your favorite books there or bottles of wine for an easy grab whenever you sit by the couch. For pure decoration, nowadays people stack logs for a rustic atmosphere or lay pots of wildflowers for a vintage ambiance.

A cute yellow color fireplace for small space in the living room
A luxury hanging fireplace for living room design with wooden floor, white sofas, a table lamp, white table under stair
A minimalist living room with small decorative fireplace, a white table, big windows, leopard motif carpet
A small fireplace combination with wall shelves for neat space in your living room
Most best freestanding fireplace in the living room to warm the whole house

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A creative large fireplace with floating stairs, round-shaped furniture pieces, house plants for white theme living room
A neutral shades of beige and grey living room with ceramic fireplace for warmth
An awesome granite-clad fireplace beside bookcase for minimalist living room idea

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These inspirations have been around for a long time, and more and more people keep implementing them in their fireplace renovation project. Now, it should be you to see it for yourself!

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