A Small Bohemian Bedroom With Small Two Window, Mirror Above Bed And A Lamp Above Red Table

20+ Great Bohemian Decorating Ideas and Designs

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If you do not want boring nuances in your homes, you might want to consider having bohemian themed homes. Bohemian style is perfect for those who want their homes to be colorful, fresh, and full of culture for everyone to see. Bohemian style decors are usually full of patterns and colors although the patterns of Boho styles are never the same. As boho rooms tend to be eccentric; they also involve splash of different colors. There are really no rules when it comes to Boho themes. This type of style is achieved by combining objects, colors, and patterns from all over the world so you can combine the most random patterns and clash colors and it would still look great and hippie. Here are some awesome bohemian decorating and design ideas for your homes.

While there are no rules in creating bohemian style decors, you might want to settle with warm earthy colors. You can freely mix the patterns and the textures but don’t be boring! Bohemian styles are bold and that means putting together patterns and textures that don’t usually go together. Being unconventional is essentially what bohemian is. Even though bohemian is all about combining objects and patterns, modern furniture are a big no for this kind of style. The perfect furniture for bohemian style would be the ones from the past so vintage-looking, and second-hand furniture are the perfect fit for this kind of style. Old plush chairs and couches are the way to go! Despite the crazy colors and patterns, bohemian style usually gives out calm and welcoming feel so you might want to consider to get rid of the conventional lights and get those lanterns, candles, and table lamps for your bohemian themed homes.

Bohemian Living Room 

A Beautiful Bohemian Living Room With Wall Arts And Hanging Plants
A Colorful Bohemian Living Room With Cozy Seatings
A Cozy Bohemian Living Room With Rattan Seatings, Plants, A Colorful Carpet And A Big Window
A Modern Bohemian In The Living Room With Beautiful Wall Arts
A Monochrome Bohemian Living Room With Sofa Seatings, Plants, A Round Table And Simple Wall Arts

image source : pinterest.com

Bohemian Bedroom

A Big Bedroom With A Simple Bohemian Style Decor
A Modern Bohemian Bedroom With A Large Bed, Lamps And Beautiful Plant Above Rack
A Simple Bedroom With Awesome Bohemian Design
A Small Bohemian Bedroom With Small Two Window, Mirror Above Bed And A Lamp Above Red Table
A Wonderful Bohemian Bedroom Decor With Vines, Wall Arts, Corner Lights, A Guitar And A Cozy Bed

image sources : pinterest.com

Bohemian Kitchen

A Bohemian Kitchen With Storage Cabinets, A Hanging Lamp, Wood Floors And Rattan Seatings
A Cozy Bohemian Kitchen With Black Two Chair, A Table, Storage Racks, And Grey Cabinets
A Large Kitchen With A Modern Bohemian Style
A Lovely Bohemian Kitchen With Storage Rack Kitchen Furniture
A Minimalist Bohemian Kitchen With Great Storage Racks, A White Sink, Cabinets And A Big Refrigerator
A Minimalist Modern Bohemian Kitchen With Awesome Decorating
A Modern Bohemian Kitchen With White Cabinets, A Hanging Plant, A Hanging Lamp And Bohemian Carpets
A Small Bohemian Kitchen With White Cabinets, Hexagon Walls, A Wastafel, Wooden Racks And A Carpet
A Stunning Bohemian Kitchen With Two Hanging Lamps, A Hanging Pan Storage, A White Cabinet, A Large Table And Two Seating
A White Bohemian Kitchen With White Cabinets, White Racks, A Round Wall Picture, Brick Walls And A Carpet Above Black Floors

image sources : pinterest.com

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