20 Affordable DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas and Wall Storage Solutions

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Bathrooms cabinet storages are essential parts of a bathroom. Having enough storage is always a good thing in case there’s an addition to your family and you need more space to save things. Bathroom organization and space saving can be definitely challenging and difficult. However, making more space for your bathroom is not anywhere near as challenging and hard as it seems. There are many easy and –do-able DIY projects for your bathroom that you can do at home! Many of these tips are pocket and time friendly so you won’t have to worry about wasting your time or your money on these awesome projects!

Keeping the bathroom tidy and uncluttered is a difficult task for most people, especially those who have tight and busy schedule. A good old drawer cabinet may be a good idea if you have the time to organize the mess you leave behind every time you get ready, but if you don’t want to bother, wall mounted wood shelves are live savers! You can put your soap basket, your toothbrush, and your beauty essentials on the shelves and you won’t have to worry about them scattered around in your drawer. However, electronics such as hair straightener irons, and a blow dryer needs its own space as you don’t want to wait around until it cools down to put it on the wooden shelf. The solution for that is to install a metal basket on the wall to put all those appliances in. You don’t have to wait for them to cool-off, you just have to unplug them from the outlets and put them inside the basket. You may need to install the basket a bit higher up from the ground so no kids can reach out and get harmed in any way.

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