25 Simple DIY Home Decor on A Budget

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To have a beautifully decorated home is everyone’s dream. However, unfortunately many home decorations in stores cost hundreds of dollars per piece. Sometimes even the smallest item can be very expensive in stores. This might be a  huge problem for people who want beautiful decorations but cannot afford to buy them. No worries though! There are many different alternatives of those overpriced decors you see in the store that you can easily make in your own home! And for much cheaper price! Here are 25 simple home decorating ideas on budget that you might want to try out.

If you like to read and you have many books in your house, you might find yourself struggling to find the best way to put your books so your house does not get too cluttered. Why not make it a decoration instead? All you need is a metal scrap and some nails. Make sure to cut the metal scrap to the size of your book, and then nail it to the wall, and put your books on top of it to create a floating illusion! Next, if you have an empty fish bowl, a fairy lamp, and a piece of paper laying around then, you’re all set to make this one craft! All you have to do is cut the paper in the shapes of moon and stars, put it inside the bowl, and then put the fairy lamp in the middle of it and you’re done! If you want a home decor that adds an oceanic feeling to the house, all you need is a bunch of seashells, a thin rope, and a glue gun. You can also make it prettier by mixing and coloring the seashells with some dye to make it look more vibrant!

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