38 Stunning Flower Beds Around Trees To Beautify Your Yard

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A flower bed is one of the best additions to your garden. Wherever it is placed, a flower bed would automatically enhance the appearance of its surroundings. If you plant annual flowers below a tree, you are going to be cutting many roots each time you plant, year in, year out. Flower beds appear amazing no matter which flower varieties you choose to include.Putting your flower beds around your trees would make your garden look more fresh and definitely not boring! You may even vary any types of flowers you want to plant around your trees. You just need to think on the huge side before you begin. Make some space on the sides of your trees with stones.

 For a pure appearance for your flower bed, you may use paddle stones due to its neutral colours. If you want more colorful appearance, you can use fake colorful stones. The sizes of your stones are not that important. What matters is that the stones can cover each side of the trees. Make a big enough circle around your tree, and fill the gap with soil which are fertilized. This ensures the growth of your flowers. That also means a success. Water your flower beds everyday. Your flowers may take a few months to grow so be patient! Hard work pays off and at the end you’ll have your stunning flower beds to beautify your yard.

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