36 Modern Garden Path Design Ideas On A Budget

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Instead of the formal path way made of stones and concrete, people now are starting to get into new kinds of garden path. Ones that are cheaper and of course easy to make. Pathway can be easy to build. They can also be difficult. However, the materials needed are not that hard to find if you just want a simple one. You can make a pathway made of stones, shrubs, or even just grass. If you’re into it, It’s possible for you to put little lights to light up each side of the path, runway style. Stone path is also an excellent idea! Stones are generally easier to find and to put out too! One tip for creating it through stones is to find stones that are the same in size. That way it would look pretty and balanced.

Another material you can opt for is wood chips. You can get these from your local wood store. I’m not saying those big chunky wood chips. Crushed wood chips would usually do the trick! Just spread them along the pathway and it would create the natural illusion. To add, gravel is a good option too! Gravel made specifically for pathways are divided into different types and sizes. Gravels are basically stones. However, gravels have brown undertone compared to your usual black stones. If you somehow find flat stones while you’re browsing through the options, they can be some awesome stepping stones! Just gotta find ones that are big enough to be just that! So definitely take that into consideration.

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