38 Awesome Apartment Balcony Design Ideas for Small Space

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Having an apartment is a luxury for many people. Especially if you live in the city. This usually results in having a small apartment balconies. But by no means this stops you from designing your balconies the way you want! If you live in a small apartment, you always have to be smart in designing. By this time, you most likely have an idea about what to search for. Use minimalist designs to make your balcony appears more spacious. And also comfortable and contemporary at the exact same time. Naturally, you want to minimize the number of stuff you put in it. But if that’s not possible, you can opt for having to cramp inside your small balcony. One way of the other, there’s still something you need to sacrifice!

To make space for other things though, there are a few things that you can do. Hanging your table to the wall, for example. The inside of the balcony would look more spacious because of the table that’s hung at the side. As for the chairs, you can also choose ones that are removable. Or even the foldable ones. These are well suited for anywhere you need seating plan but no sufficient room to place a chair permanently. If you’ve got that artistic drive in you, attempt to create crafts by yourself. You may even build the chairs from scratch if you’re into that! Just remember to be smart and think of ways to save some space! Our storage space hack ideas may help you in that matter. Good luck!

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