37 Best Summer Planter Ideas to Beautify Your Home

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Summer planter ideas are a rather excellent idea if you’re a free spirit who loves color. Why? Well, because you can paint your planters in just about any color you want. Planters or containers are usually reserved for people with small spaces. However, nowadays it is not the case! If you have limited space, you can take advantage of the hanging planters. But if your space is big enough, then you can put your planters everywhere you want! You can even opt for big planters, a luxury that most people with small spaces don’t get. In this article, we will show you some of the best summer planter ideas to beautify your home. Why summer you may ask? Well, summer is the best time to start your gardening journey! The weather is quite nice and winter is still a long way to go.

Of course you want to stick with colors that are bright and colorful. Dark, beige colors may not be a good idea. Because who would want a gloomy dark summer right? Colors like orange, red, and yellow may be your best bet! Then, for the painting, you might want to get a paint with sun protection. Since summer is quite hot and your planters are gonna be outside all the time! There are many gardening stores that sell those planters! You just have to decorate it to suit your summer planter dream. Let’s talk about the plants that are good for the summer vibe.  Tropical plants help it become simple to make an eye-catching combination in a huge container. So, that is definitely an option.  If you would like more ideas on the summer planter, then check out our gallery and get inspired! Good luck!

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