36 Cool Side Yard And Backyard Gravel Garden Design Ideas

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Creating a garden with or without a liner will be the same. Based on your climate and commitment you might be able to even use flowering evergreens. Things like azaleas to create a welcoming side yard and backyard which requires almost no effort. Side yards are parts that are almost always neglected. People think they’re just pathways and cannot be decorated. But that is such a wrong thinking. Side yards can actually be pretty cool space to decorate! And if you’re into walkways, you can certainly do that too! Gravel and stones pathways are always a good idea. Here we’ll show some cool side yard and backyard gravel garden design ideas! So keep on reading.

A good way to discover the ideal rock garden ideas is to check out our gallery! We have gathered pictures all over the internet to help you be inspired! Why? Because we know how hard it is to decorate a house! Now, let’s talk about side yards. You may be asking yourself what can you do with them right? Well, you can always put small seating area. If you’re into lounging chairs, those would be good too! Just do whatever you want to do with it. Be creative! Keep in mind that cramping it with furniture might be dangerous. In case, someone in your family stumbles on it or something. Pathways can be designed with stones. Remember to keep the stones low enough to step on. Because you don’t want any trippings happening either. Good luck!

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