38 Simple but Cozy Workspace Office Design Ideas

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A cozy office should always be the goal when designing a workspace. Your employee is never going to want to stay long in the office if it’s not comfortable for them. In fact, there’s a study that says the cozier space, the more productive people would be. And that equals more earning for the company right? So, it is basically a win for everyone! Open plan is the generic term employed in architectural and interior design for virtually any floor program. Anything that makes use of large, open spaces and minimizes the usage of small, enclosed rooms is the preferred one these days. Offices like Google with its own entertainment room and everything else might be the most desired one! Pantries with selection of food should also be provided should your employee want something to snack on while working.

One of the things that need to be considered when designing an office is the lighting. An office should have a lighting that’s not too bright, yet not too dim it hurts your eyes. And yes, while the open workspace offices might be popular, it doesn’t indicate they’re wholly accepted by everyone. Some people might still prefer the old office style with private rooms and cubicles. So, definitely provide those as well. Basically, try to think of your employee’s needs and cater to them. They’re essentially the one running your business anyway! Make sure to place enough plants so the air will circulate better. And hire two or more office boys to be on the lookout whenever things get messy! Office maintenance and the general monthly check up is also a must. 

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