37 Beautiful Small Cottage House Plan Designs Ideas

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If you’ve ever lived long a city and longed for the countryside life, you must’ve heard about cottage house. Cottage houses are houses made out of (mostly) wood and bamboo. These kinds of houses are perfect for that country side living. Plus, it’s usually small and easy to maintain too. So, we can understand how that’s appealing for some people. Decorating a small house is though. You have to make sure your house can be pretty yet still functional. A house can be smaller, prettier, but still function as an actual house. Shocking right? Well, it shouldn’t. Here we’ve gathered some beautiful small cottage house plan design ideas for you! If you want to downsize, or you just want to redecorate your tiny cottage house, you’re in the right place.

A cottage house is a smaller house that may remind you of a fairy house. But in this world, people mostly use cottages as a vacation house or a beach house. These buildings are perfect to be surrounded by lakes, or mountains. That is why people who are looking to design these houses are those investing in their vacation homes. Moreover, these houses typically display the openness of the place so overstuffing it with stuff is a big no. Make it cozy and comfortable. The kind where you just want to stay inside forever. And another tip to make your house more looking picturesque, you should tend the garden and outdoor areas. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like gardening, these areas are also important in making your house looking like a dream one!

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