35 Most Simple RV Modifications for Your Street Style

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RV is a car made for the streets. Some people would rather call it RV, some call it a travel trailer. However, one thing for sure is that this car is used to travel for miles. People who have this kind of car usually prefer to stay in it when they’re on vacation out of town. However, there are also people who take it as far as living in it. Living in a travel trailer has become more and more popular these days. They call it living tiny. Yes, like those who live in a tiny house. But this one is downright living in a car. We don’t judge though! We just know how hard it is to modify your RV.  Especially to make it fit the street style wherever you’re going. Here we’ve compiled some of the most simple RV modifications for your street style!

Curtains are among the best investments for your travel trailer. When you’re parked at some place at nights, you want something to cover your windows from prying eyes. Just because you live in the van, doesn’t mean you have to give up your privacy! If you’re someone who likes to be clean and tidy, install some hidden storage. They help you a ton to declutter the place. Plus, if they make your tiny home seems big! If you need a guide on what kind of hidden storages there are, you can find one in our articles. Anyway, make sure that your travel trailer is up to date in terms of engine check and everything else. You don’t want it to be breaking down when you’re on a trip. For more inspiration and ideas, browse through our gallery. Stay safe!

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